A truly international brand-building company, with proven expertise to design, manufacture, advertise and distribute all our brands and products. Excellence in creating successful fragrances, beauty, bath & body products, in a broad portfolio of private and licensed world- renown brands.

Our managing team is made of visionary category leaders able to magnify the impact of our iconic brands in Lifestyle and Prestige Beauty, share success with our long-term distribution and trade partners across the world and ensure a full dedication to our final customers. Our organization is directly present in many countries through our key affiliates.

Our vision is centered around a strong commitment in creativity, quality, operational efficiency, and people care, a perfect bridge between tradition and future. An attitude to understand our customers and adapt our nature to the changing times and needs, while delivering challenging goals.

Desire Holding’s 360° unified approach to business is one of the company’s key strengths: the team focuses on activities like creation, development, production, and distribution of the products.

Desire Fragrances continues to be a unique player within the industry, having direct control over all the phases due to its in-depth understanding and expertise of the sector. The team consists of professionals with a broad knowledge, passion and interest for the company’s endeavours, with a special ability for research and commitment to providing high quality products that satisfy the needs of the market. Desire Fragrances is regularly devoted to further developing its internal scope and expertise within all activities and phases.

The main location for our company originated in United States, but shortly after we opened a new subsidiary office in the Netherlands and Italy.

Our Italian office consists of seventeen employees, who are all masters of their craft: the various departments in here create and realize the design, manage all the projects development, the marketing, the social media, the PR activities, and as well control all the logistics for Europe and Italy. Our busy sales department manages not only the Italian domestic market but also products from the rest of Europe, East Europa, Asia and Middle East.

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