1. Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are short fragments of text, normally consisting of letters and/or numbers, which are sent from the Website and saved by the
browser installed on the device you use to navigate the site. The cookies are then re-transmitted to the Website on your subsequent visits.
Cookies allow the storage of information related to visits to the Website and represent a very useful technology because they facilitate the
functioning of the Website, making it more efficient. Without cookies, the website would not have the ability to “remember” information,
for example, the contents of your shopping cart.
Cookies can be classified as follows:
o duration: session cookies or persistent;
o origin: first party cookies or third party;
o purpose: strictly necessary cookies, cookies for the analysis of site performance, and cookies for behavioural advertising.

Cookies which are deleted at the end of a browser session (usually when the browser is closed or on the expiry of the session) are defined
as session cookies and are used, for example, to keep the browser session active. In contrast, the cookies which are saved for a longer
period of time (between session) are defined as persistent cookies and are used, for example, to remember your preferences or to provide
targeted advertising.

The definition of first party or third party refers to the website or domain which installs the cookies. First party cookies are installed directly
by the Website, while third party cookies are installed by a different domain, for example in the case that the Website incorporates
elements originating from other services, such as publishing platforms.
It should be noted that the purposes fulfilled solely by a cookie can also be fulfilled using other data collection methods, such as the use of
dedicated functions which allow the identification of devices in order to analyse Website visits. This policy applies to any technology which
stores or accesses the information on your device. Included in this category are, for example, local HTML5 archiving, Local Shared Objects
(also known as flash cookies) and fingerprinting techniques. When referring to cookies, other comparable technologies are also included in
the definition.

What is the purpose of the cookies used on this site?
Strictly necessary cookies allow the correct functioning of the Website and you consent to them to benefit from the site’s content and
services in convenient way, for example, you can browse the site while retaining the content of your shopping cart, or you do not need to
click the cookie banner on every visit to the site, because your consent preferences will be stored. Strictly necessary cookies cannot be
disabled and your prior consent is not required for their installation. Such cookies are stored by your browser for the period necessary to
ensure the correct functioning of the Website.

Performance analytics cookies are installed to measure information relating to the usage and browsing of the Website, for the purpose of
improving performance. In particular, these cookies are used for statistical analysis of each access or visit to the Website, to enable
optimisation of the structure and logic of navigation and content. These cookies exclusively collect aggregated and therefore anonymous
data, such that your consent is not required.

Functionality cookies allow the site to provide more advanced and personalised functions. These cookies are not necessary for the
functioning of the Website, and therefore your consent is required for their installation.
Cookies for targeted advertising (targeting cookies) track navigation around the Website in order to analyse your behaviour for marketing
purposes and to create a profile of your preferences, habits and choices. This enables the Controllers to display advertising messages
targeted to your interests and in line with the preferences demonstrated when you browse. These cookies are not necessary for the
functioning of the Website, and therefore your consent is required for their installation.
A complete list of all the information relating to the installed cookies is provided in the section “Cookie Settings”, which is linked on the
banner which appears when first accessing any page of the Website, and which can be found at the following link:

How can I manage my cookie preferences?

At the moment of first access of any page on the Website, a banner appears which contains a brief notice and a link which opens the
COOKIE CONSENT CENTRE, with which you can easily choose which cookies should be installed. You can access the cookie consent
centre at any time simply through the specific link in the footer of the Website.
In addition to the above, you may also change the cookie settings via the browser you are using, deleting all or selected cookies, or limiting
their transmission to certain sites. The instructions for managing cookies in the most common browsers are listed here:
o Google Chrome
o Mozilla Firefox
o Microsoft Edge
o Safari

Disabling cookies or deleting them could compromise the optimal usage of some areas of the Website or could impede some functionality,
as well as impact the functioning of third-party services.
Communication and sharing of data
The data collected by cookies may be processed by employees and associates of the corporate functions tasked with pursuing the aims
indicated above, who have been expressly authorised to process the data and who have received adequate operational training. Such data
may also be processed by trusted companies which carry out technical and organisational tasks on behalf of Desire Fragrances. This
company assume the role of data controller. In particular, the data may be processed by external parties operating as autonomous
controllers such as, for example, authorities and oversight and control organisations.

Your rights

Contacting one of the parties by sending an email to marketing@desirefragrances.net or alternatively by writing to the addresses indicated in
this section below, you may request from both data Controllers access to the data relating to you, deletion of the data, and the limitation of
processing of the data in the cases provided for in art. 18 of the GDPR. You may also oppose the processing of your data according to the
Controller’s legitimate interest for reasons relating to your particular situation.
Where the processing is based on consent or on the contract and is performed by automated tools, you have the right to receive your data
in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format, as well as, if technically possible, you may request that this data is transmitted
to the other Controller without prejudice.
You also have the right to revoke consent to non-necessary cookies without impairing the functionality of the Website. You have the right
to file a complaint with the Guarantor for the Protection of Personal Data (Garante per la Protezione dei Dati Personali).