Desire Fragrances designed a very bright vision: creating a New Successful Global 3-axes-Beauty Group, able to blend together legacy and modernity, purposeful projects with fashionable aesthetics, a team of cohesive and top notch professionals with an outstanding network of partnering suppliers and customers.

We aim at creating a 3-Divisions-Group, successfully developing and consolidating a brilliant portfolio of a) Lifestyle Brands, b) Luxury & Prestige brands and c) Proprietary Brands, widely covering Perfumes, Make Up and Skincare beauty care segments.

Our Vision is to become a Top Player in the Beauty Industry, standing out for Creativity, Flexibility and Passion. True Brand lovers, who were able to reach success in the past and are eager to build new long-term successes in the future, always a step ahead of the times.

Patrizio Stella

Chief Executive Officer

Desire Holding is the result of a combining of all the company entities under one roof. Considering that our main business is in Europe, we decided to place our Holding in Luxembourg, which control all of our subsidiaries.

We have offices and logistics in the most strategic markets in the world: Desire Fragrances Inc. is based in United States and manages the whole American Continent, from US domestic market, Canada, and Latin America. Desire Fragrances B.V. in Netherlands serves directly to retail to the most important market in the world based by volume. Desire Fragrances S.r.l., based in Italy, is fully dedicated to the Italian market only with a powerful sales force. In here is located the main office for design, marketing and the distinguishing international sales team, that serve all the branches in the group. Desire Fragrances Ltd. in United Kingdom, after Brexit, serves the British market only, direct to retail. Desire Fragrances Sagl aims to keep growing in the next few years to reach a powerful level in this industry. The growth pace planned is be 50% to 75% per year.

Desire Fragrances is structured according to an innovative management model, which is constantly updated. Our main resource is the flexibility and the ability to keep the company profitable with a global reach of over 50 countries.